We’re building ‘ShareCyprus’ from the ground up. 

www.sharecyprus.com is an exciting project which is currently in the “soft launch” stage.

The website aims to share the best people and places in Cyprus via the website and our fast-growing YouTube channel.

The main purpose of this website is to help people visiting Cyprus or living in Cyprus who don’t speak Greek discover accurate information. 

We truly believe ShareCyprus.com has the opportunity to become a major national brand and a genuine asset for Cyprus and everyone who lives here.


Ireland’s ‘Dustpod’ – Now BQ Podcast!

Operating out of Dublin, Ireland, ‘Dustpod’ is a multi-award winning podcast creation company developing engaging podcasts for brands including The Irish Times, Aer Lingus, Corona and many more.

Dustpod Screen Grab

The team at Dustpod is ahead of the curve (and so are their clients), because the demand for standout podcasts is truly explosive. With clever thinking, businesses/brands/artists, and many others can connect to current, future, and even lapsed customers/fans via this very unique marketing/branding opportunity.  

The team at SBI Media worked with Dustpod’s founder/CEO Mr. Dusty Rhodes to develop the best way in which to scale this business beyond Ireland. 

The main problem to solve for us was the name “Dustpod”. Since the company is owned by a well known Irish Broadcaster (Dusty Rhodes), the name was perfect for the Irish market, but had no relevance in the UK and beyond.

The name we settled upon was “BQ Podcast” (short for Broadcast Quality Podcasts) which is exactly what the company does. 

See the results of our our work here: www.bqpodcast.com